Creativity and the community


Here is a really great story of a low tech creative event open to and well supported by the public. Have a look at the video below to get an idea of the age of the people involved and a what a marvelous way for everyone to get a little creative. A new spin on crowd-sourcing?

What I particularly like about this is that its teaching children (and by default the adults too?) that everyone has a creative capacity. It’s also teaching that every idea has a place amongst everyone else’s. So simple.

Now tell me – wouldn’t you like to see Chrysler or GM’s executives out in the carpark their chalk working on their recovery plan. I would!!


Dozens of boxes of thick, pastel sidewalk chalk sticks were being cracked open, the contents, purchased with private donor funds, distributed free to all who came. By day’s end much of the stock of 30,000 sticks had been worn down to tiny chips and nubs.

by Chris Knape | The Grand Rapids Press

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